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Why Mini-Weddings Are a Big Hit

Mini-Weddings are hitting the scene...(*sarcastic* thanks Rona). Couples are becoming more interested in how they will now celebrate life's biggest moments. The answer - Go Smaller!

So what's a mini-wedding experience? Think of a happy medium between an elopement and your traditional all-out big bash. Guest count typically ranges from 5 - 50 guests. All experiencing the ceremony and reception on a more intimate level, but with all the same wow.

Let's talk about how you do this, shall we:


Most people think mini-weddings will automatically equal cheaper. Well... not exactly. The most obvious pro of having a mini-wedding is the lower cost. With a much smaller headcount, your budget can go further in perfecting all the details. At this point you could even spring for major things like an open bar or a live band. However, there are couples that saving money isn't the ultimate goal, but to rather to splurge on the small group of family and friends that have impacted them the most. Going mini with the guest list means you can go grand on style and flair for a day that everyone will remember. What's that? Lobster tail and filet mignon for everyone...yes, please.


Typically the venue drives lots of the decision making because you have to find a place that accommodate larger guest counts. But think about how creative you could be with a smaller guest count for your mini-wedding. A private room at your favorite restaurant, the rooftop of that cool bar downtown, the front 9 of the local golf course, or the winery you and your love met, all are fun alternatives to the ballroom extravaganza or traditional chapel ceremony.


Now this is where things get tricky. In my experience, the guest list tends to always be the place that gives couples the most trouble...be it 20 or 200 guests. Who gets to come? Arguably the largest con of throwing a mini-wedding is the short guest list. You won’t be able to invite all of your sorority sisters, your future mother-in-law’s coworkers, or all of your grandma’s bingo friends (we know...this one hurts). Typically, the list is limited to immediate family only plus any close friends you’d like to be included in the festivities. Another benefit of the mini guest list is the quality time you will get to spend with each of them and share your thanks. I totally get it, some feelings will be hurt in the narrowing, but if they are truly friends, they will understand. Plus, I encourage my couples to host a backyard BBQ a few months later to invite those that couldn't come.


One of the most exciting yet expensive parts of the wedding selection process is flowers and decor. Part of this is due to materials, but the other is due to the amount you need to accommodate guest tables and venue design. Just think of it like this, you love those big tall centerpieces and wanted those at every guest table. Well at $250 a piece that adds up quickly with 15 - 20 guest tables. Now, all you would need is 3! Much more palatable, right? Think of all the personal touches you could give your guests. I had a bride do a mini-wedding and gifted each guest a wine bottle with a personal note on each. Super cute, right?!


During this time vendors are becoming more understanding and accommodating. Hear me clearly...this does not mean an automatic discount. This means that you may find a vendor that offers slightly different pricing if they only have to be at your mini-wedding for 4 hours instead of 8. Or your cake is now only 2 tears instead of 5 for a slightly different price. Vendors that aren't directly impacted by guest count will likely be priced the same. These will be the vendors you'll want to look at booking first. From there you will know what you budget will further allow.

Planning a mini-wedding or anything of this importance still requires the direction of a professional. Working with a full service wedding planner is highly recommended. Large or small, you will need someone to execute your day and make sure it runs smoothly.

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