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OMG...Do I have a story for you! Becoming an Indy Wedding Planner

Updated: Jun 10

I'm often asked why I do this. Why do I deal with brides and their indecisiveness? How do I deal with all the emotions? Who wants to deal with all the different vendors, emails and meetings?

Well... I do! Your Indy Wedding Planner - right here!

I became a mom for the first time in 2013. My daughter Michaela was born and she turned my husband and I's world upside down. She had non-stop, Energizer Bunny energy that literally didn't stop until she passed out at night. But it made me realize I wanted to be around for all of it. Every ABC song, every 123's, and every scribble on a sheet of paper...I wanted her to know that I would always be nearby.

It was about 3 years ago. After moving about in my corporate career for the past 12 years, I had finally landed at THE company. You know! THE COMPANY with the amazing reputation, crazy good employee benefits, a six figure salary to go along with it, on-site gym; I could keep going. Any who, I started working there and things just didn't feel right. It just felt off. Where I should have been beaming to head into work, I got up every morning dreading the traffic commute downtown. Often times I would find myself in the bathroom looking in the mirror saying, "Danielle! What is wrong with you? You have it made."

Fast forward, 1 year and a half in and I'm pregnant with baby number 2. A time for me to truly be excited and all I wanted to do was stay home. Going into work was the last thing on my mind, let alone actually working on my job. I just wanted to create!

I had lost my zest for the job I was in and needless to say, I was over it.

However, I found myself watching, Four Weddings, Bridezillas, and David Tutera waaaay too intently. Like, inserting myself as the wedding planner in every wedding plan, analyzing how I would put my spin on it. Or how I would talk that crazy bride out of trying to paint 100 mason jars the night before her big day.

My due date came and went. I remember one day sitting in my room rocking my new bundle of joy to sleep and thinking...I shouldn't have to miss a minute of this. It was as if a light switch was turned on inside of me. Becoming a wedding planner wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in my body that I had to share my passion for weddings and design with the world. I had no idea, in that moment, that my life would change forever. Or even more shockingly, just how much it would change…

I laid my precious Genelle down to nap, kissed my husband and daughter as they headed out the door. It was time to PUT. IN. WORK. I registered my business, created an LLC., and built a website all in one days time. My husband came home and I ran from the study screaming, " We are business owners!" After he wiped that, what did you do, look off his face we both hugged.

From that day forward, I have been serving couples with love and devotion. You see, this isn't about me. It's about YOU and having the memory of walking down the aisle to your love etched in your mind and heart forever. I give 100% of me to you so that your day can be perfect because you don't get do overs.

I will stand beside you and guide you through the entire planning process to ensure you get everything you need for this day to be memorable.

So to answer those questions, I do this because you deserve to have someone there to help you make the right decisions. You deserve to have someone there to ride the roller coaster of emotions this process takes you through. And you deserve a professional who can manage all the vendors, emails, and meetings for you.

Events by D. Nicole is here to remove all the stress and work of planning. We are also there on the day of the wedding to make sure nothing skips a beat. You deserve to have the wedding you've always dreamed of. Don't trust that to just anyone. Hire a professional. PERIOD. Stay in the know by subscribing to our email list to get wedding tips, special offers, and wedding inspiration.

Be sure to stop by the website and check out our full services: Full Wedding Planning, Event Design and Day-of Coordination. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest and greatest. Check out our amazing wedding inspiration on Pinterest .

Don't waste anymore time on trying to figure this out on your own. Reach out to us today! A 30 minute chat and you'll be well on your way to a flawless wedding experience.

Talk soon!



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